Raaja Kanwar is the founder of Apollo International Limited (AIL), a part of the internationally acclaimed Apollo Group. After completing his management degree from Drexel University, USA in 1994, he returned to India and chose to lead Apollo Group's diversification plans instead of his natural progression into the tyre business. True to his nature of thinking differently and his vision of "Nurturing entrepreneurship through partnership", resulted in a leather start-up in 1995. Mr. Kanwar believes in identifing and backing individuals, who share his value systems and have a passion for business.

Mr. Shiraz Askari, after completing his MBA started his career as a IT sales and business development professional but soon joined the leather export industry. He gained experience and held various senior executive positions before starting an entrepreneurial venture which he successfully headed for eleven years. He met Mr. Kanwar and decided to exit his business and take over the responsibility of Apollo’s fashion division. The combination of a leather entrepreneur's experience, backed with financial and infrastructural support of a strong group created a successful business.

However, individuals are not important unless backed by a competent team. We train our team to think differently and independently, which is reflected in our business approach. Our merchandisers, production and quality teams are eager listen to the customers, respond promptly and work ethically. The end result; we created an organization that is known as a great place to work, along with a hugely satisfied customer base.

At the core of our operations is a huge respect for product integrity, concern for environment, traceability and sustainability. Our factories and vendors are regularly audited for social and safety norms. We source ethically and test each raw material to understand how they behave on tanning and treatment. Once we find the right material, we test it to find the perfect thicknesses - one that allows the product to hold its structure on ageing and usage. This best fit, hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure product integrity at every level. As an added assurance we have stringent quality and workplace compliancy.

We are building our reputation quietly and most of our customers come through recommendations and word of mouth publicity. With an emphasis on design research and constant product development, we have been able to build a repertoire for delivering inspiration and a superior product experience to our clients. Happy with our leather garment deliverables, our clients pushed and we grabbed the opportunity to add new product categories. A couple of years ago we started producing bags & belts and most recently shoes.

Every product we ship is treated, sometimes by hand and crafted to meet the specifications of our clients. Our products are created using state of the art production units set up by trained technicians. Our team of skilled craftsmen and professionals ensures that each product is delivered in a timely manner after undergoing rigorous quality assessment tests. With an annual production capacity of 250,000 garments, 300,000 bags, 600,000 belts and 720,000 shoes we run some of the best factories in our parts. The production is carried out on heavy-duty machines, in socially audited and compliant facilities.

We have consistently worked towards creating an environment that is honest, transparent, socially responsible and committed towards delivering quality leather products. We have taken care to ensure the highest quality of leather products leave our factories.

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